Specialized support services for the period of December 1 to December 31, 2020 includes the following:

  • Athletic recruitment Support
    • University Athletic evaluations
      • Athletic training & development
        • Athletic scholarship evaluations
          • Athletic equipment and apparel
            • Athletic S&C Training evaluation

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Preparing today's students for tomorrow's opportunities


  • Premier Plus Consultants and our team of experienced CONSULTANTS will provide parents and students exactly what is needed for their winter university recruitment process.

  1. Recruitment support for university evaluation

  2. Evaluation of University- scholarship opportunities

  3. Direct Feedback from qualified coaches

  4. Direct Training for students development

  5. Direct Training and support for parents

  6. Replace travel Logistics with academic and technical skills upgrades

  7. Full baseball gear and equipment

  8. End of program report of strengths and weakness of university recruitment process.

  9. Eliminate much of the uncertainty within the university recruitment process

  10. Very experienced in assisting students and parents from the Bahamas

  11. Parents now fully control their environment in these changing times during the winter, which leads to strong accountable opportunities moving forward.