Preparing today's students for tomorrow's opportunities

Lolita Thompson - Linsly School

Tonisha Gaitor - St. Margaret School
Stefen Strachan - Bridgton Acacdemy
Warren Saunders - Linsly School
Floid Giddings - Linsly School
Ricardo McPhee - Lyndon Institute
Divontae Murphy - Rabun Gap Nacoochee School
Garth McIntosh - The Webb School
Chaeremon Minnis - The Webb School
Marcia Wilkinson - Lyndon Institute

Kevia Neely - Linsly School

Maya Thompson - Emma Willard School

2019 Alumni

Avniel Barrow - Christ Church School
Keenan Bartlett - Christ Church School
Dorion Kemp - Christ Church School
Kendalia Turner - Lyndon Institute
Ashton Rodriquez - Lyndon Institute
Nathan Burrows - Lyndon Institute
Kevique Ferguson - Lyndon Institute
Temaz Ferguson - The Webb School
Richa Cartwright - The Webb School
Paiton Knowles - Bishop Michael Eldon School
Thiah Farguharson - Bishop Michael Eldon School
Yeshua Saint - Bishop Michael Eldon School
Antoine Ferguson - McCallie
Jyles Romer - McCallie
Ricardo Seymour - Life Prep Academy
Malich Barry - Life Prep Academy
Brenay Greenslade - St. Margaret School
Erin Johnson - St. Margaret School

Bradia Hendfield - Bishop Michael Eldon School 

2018 Alumni

​Dawn Farquharson - Episcopal High School​

Carl Rahming - Brandon Hall School

Justin Duncanson - Lyndon Institute

Aaron Bastian - McCallie School

Laura Eldon - Western Reserve Academy

Alexander Williamson - Linsly School
Raoul Lockhart - Linsly School
Bailey Mcbride - Rabun Gap Nacoochee School

Daalen Adderley - McCallie School

Kiajh Munroe - Riverside Military Academy

Devyn Munroe - Rabun Gap Nacoochee School

Claudisha Curtis - Lyndon Institute

Shakanah Sweeting - Lyndon Institute

Amira Jade Clarke - The Webb School

Kyle Bullard - West Nottingham Academy

2017 Alumni

2016 Alumni

2015 Alumni

​Kyle Parks - Rabun Gap
Branae Moxey - Rabun Gap
Whitley Watkins - Rabun Gap
Willis Mackey - Christ Church School
Denier Weeche - Christ Church School
Manny Wright - The Webb School
Michael Sands - Darlington School
Sarah Bastian - Salem Academy
Quincy Grant - Christ School
Yokito Pinder - Riverside Military Academy
Jonathon Thomson - Bishop Michael Eldon School
Syntyche Fountain - Salem Academy

Joshua Sands - Linsly

Ural Forbes Jr. - Elev8 Academy

2009 Alumni

Aneko Knowles - Tabernacle Christian Academy 

Desmond Russell - Tabernacle Christian Academy

Lynden Pindling - St. Stephens

Ali Knowles - Christ School 

August Campbell - Christ School 

Tamico Nelson - Christ Church School

2010 Alumni

Champ Stuart - Christ School

​Jordon Farquharson - Christ School

2011 Alumni

Andre Turnquest - Rabun Gap 

Travis Strachan - Rabun Gap

Joey Dean - Tabernacle Christian Academy

​​Kentrelle Rolle - Catholic High School

2014 Alumni

​Perez Knowles - Rabun Gap 

Lance Edwards - Rabun Gap 

Rio Russell - The Webb School

Arien Seymour - Linsly School 

Gerrio Rahming - Rabun Gap 

Nicholas Ferguson - Rabun Gap

Travis Wilkinson - Lyndon Institute 

Danny DeCardenas - Christ Church School

Ian Mayers - Christ School

Zenia Bullard - Linsly School

Taniya Rolle - Linsly School

Michael Treco - Darlington

Andrew Pindling - Christ School

Amber Stubbs - Queen's College

​Jessica Capron - St Anne's School

​Chandra Mackey - Aquinas College

2013 Alumni

​Trae Sweeting - Christ School 

Seberon Mackey - Rabun Gap 

Harold Antor - Darlington 

2012 Alumni

Leighton Gibson - Linsly School 

Crachad Laing - Perkiomen 

Remon Grant - Perkiomen

Stephen Russell - Bridgeton

D'Juan Seymour - Rabun Gap

​Seth Bastian - Bridgeton

boarding school alumni

Through boarding school academic, athletic and social development, our members have enjoyed the opportunities to be student athletes at the various university levels.  The boarding schools’ unique development initiatives promoted self-confidence, improved organizational skills, and improved the sense of community in all students. Boarding schools provided the opportunity to train athletically and were instrumental in students being prepared for university athletics. Going to university was not just a dream anymore; it became a reality. Through use of systematic planning for college and university and preparations by the boarding schools, we have seen huge success over the last five years.