Premier Plus Consultants has launched support service programs specifically to assist those student with their exposure and production levels academically, socially and athletically. We have streamlined our support services to assist their development track.

Premier Plus Consultants support and development services are structured to include:

  • Family Membership - This family group within this membership will consist of children ages 5 to 17 and include two parents or guardianship to a maximum size of four (4) persons in total. Services Available: 
        1. Scholarship evaluation (Athletic and Academic)
        2. University guidance counseling
        3. English Language support
        4. International University development
        5. Financial assistance - Educational supplies.
        6. Professional Baseball Evaluation

  • University Membership - This membership will consist of students ages 18 to adult and include one parents or guardianship to a maximum size of two persons in total. Services Available: 
    ​    1. Scholarship opportunities
        2. Professional career counseling
        3. Vocational career counseling
        4. English Language support
        5. Financial assistance - Educational supplies
        6. Scholarship CV & Academic Evaluation

  • International Membership - membership will consist of one family with one to two students of ages 13 to 18. Services Available: 
    ​    1. International boarding school admission support
        2. Financial assistance requirements
        3. International Boarding School Education
        4. English Language Support
        5. Student visa application support
        6. Evaluation International Opportunities
        7. Evaluation Athletic Recruitment (INTL)

     * Note: All memberships are monthly starting April 1st 2020 and ending March 1st 2021.

PREMIER PLUS - PROMOTIONAL WAIVER: Services have now been adjusted to assist families during the containment and recovery of the COVID-19. The Promotional waiver provides a two month waiver of support services, with the option to finish the academic year (which ends March 31st 2021) based on the membership services selected. 

Premier Plus Consultants promotional waiver services include:

  1. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - ​Services Included: (1) Scholarship evaluation (Athletic and Academic); (2) English Language support; (3) Professional University Evaluation​
  2. UNIVERSITY MEMBERSHIP - Services Included: (1) Scholarship opportunities; (2) English Language support; (3) Scholarship CV & Academic Evaluation
  3. INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIPServices Available: (1) English Language support; (2) Evaluation International Opportunities; (3) Evaluation Athletic Recruitment (INTL)

We hope parents, educators and children see our program as an option to assist with the accomplishments of their goals at all phases and levels in preparation for University or continued University advancement.

All registration must be completed online (see form below), which will be transmitted to Premier Plus Consultants.



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