Here are some of the FAQs about Scholarships for your assistance:

1. How do I know if I am eligible to be considered for posted scholarships from the corporation?​
a. Current High school student in my last year of attendance, high school graduates from previous years, university students currently enrolled in University and persons planning to attend University within the next 12 months, based on initial criteria and your area of ​​interest.
b. Resident of country where scholarships are targeted.

2. What are the details of the posted scholarships?
​a. Scholarships are posted monthly
b. Scholarship recipients are awarded monthly
c. The scholarship amounts will vary per Scholarship criteria
d. Total amount of awards recipients per scholarship will vary per Scholarship criteria.​

3. If I am not a citizen of the scholarship target country but I am a resident and/or attend an university in that, would I be eligible?
Yes, For example if you live in The Bahamas and study in there then you can apply for a scholarship that is targeted for the same
All Scholarship award recipients must be maintaining enrollment at their current University during the scholarship reimbursement period

​4. How do I get started?
a. Go to the corporation  Scholarship web page and complete and submit the scholarship application, then submit the supporting documents to be considered.

5. How to contact a corporation representative?
a. Right now, due to the pandemic we can be reached on our Instagram page and email

6. What are the hours of operation during the pandemic with Instagram and email support?
a. Our support hours (Monday to Friday) is 9 AM to 10:00 PM
    Our support hours (Weekends) is 12:00 PM  to  5:00 PM

7. Is there a fee?
a. There is an NON-MEMBER scholarship application fee of $22.00 that must be paid with the submission of the scholarship application (NON REFUNDABLE).

The application fee covers the logistics of the scholarship administration for the consideration of the scholarship applicant and also covers the membership services that each applicant selections when submitting the scholarship application.

MEMBER scholarship application fee is not applicable for  Scholarship opportunities. These Scholarship opportunities are embedded within the yearly membership. The yearly membership fee is dependent on which yearly membership is selected...

To view more on our membership visit our web-page:

Our company is unique in this regard most applications are successful or unsuccessful, only the successful benefit.

Our application process provides benefits to help all applicants (Member or Non-Member).

8. Does the scholarship application have deadlines?
a. Yes, they would all be guided by monthly deadlines

9. What support services accompany the Scholarship Application Fee?
a. Career & Resume evaluation.
b. English Language Evaluation
c. Scholarship Consideration

10. How long would these Support services last?
a. The NON-MEMBER support services would last one calendar month from the 3rd to 29th day of each month
b. ​The  MEMBERS support services would last the duration of their annual membership for 10 months with one annual membership fee.

11. Is the award guaranteed after application is submitted?
a. Your registration does not guarantee the successful award of the scholarship for which you have applied.

12. How do I receive the award?
a. All Scholarship awards are paid directly to the University or Educational Institution in the name of the successful recipient(s).

13. Are there any restrictions on the scholarships?
a. There are no restrictions on the amount of Scholarship applications that can be submitted.

14. Are these posted SCHOLARSHIPS from your corporation associated with any other Government affiliation?
No, our Corporation SCHOLARSHIPS are privately administered within our Corporation. We are NOT affiliated.

15. Are the internship paid position?
Yes they are paid positions unless stated as an exception.

16. What are the length or duration of the internship?
From 1 Month to 10 Months

17. Are the internship positions guaranteed with my membership?
No, they are not guaranteed with your membership. However, PPC internships will only be available to our members and not for the general public.

18. Which company will the internship be associated with?

19. Can I get college credits for my internship with Premier Plus Consultants and your partners?
There is no guarantee for this.

Once a member is selected for an internship by Premier Plus Consultants, the member must make a request and application to a university for their consideration for approval which is based on the university requirements, policy and procedures for such request.

20. Can I apply for more than one internship position during the 10 months?
Yes, but only one internship position can perform at a time. Overlapping is restricted.

21. How will I know internship positions are available?
They will be advertised on the corporation social media platforms and website.

22. How do I apply for an internship position?
Applications are completed via our Business Solutions page on our website.

23. As a member, when will I know if I was successful?
Within 10 working days of internship deadline.

24. Are there any other services and fees associated with my membership obligation?
Yes, if you require upgraded assistance with Technology Education or sports management Opportunities.

​- - - - - 

**Before a potential recipient applies for a scholarship, they must evaluate if the scholarship requirements
​meet their approval for submission.


Preparing today's students for tomorrow's opportunities


Welcome to Premier Plus Consultants Scholarship Division. We recognize the need to provide more focus and attention to our university and vocational education. Our plan is to focus on our core value that none should be left behind. If there is a human desire, a characteristic, a behavior from a citizen of this or any country, that seeks to impact their community in a positive manner, then there should be realistic opportunities and support systems within the fabric of our culture to stimulate that individual’s growth and development.

We at Premier Plus Consultants are here to help and answer any questions you may have about Scholarships.