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  • Your own personal College Guidance counselor
  • More personalized University Scholarship and admission Support

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Please complete the below online registration which will start with your Basic University Support which will provide you the foundation for Advance University, Vocational and applicable professional Support. Your Basic University Support Services will Consist of the Following:

  • University Options
  • University Admission Support
  • University (NCAA, NAIA) Compliance Support
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Standardized Testing Support
  • University Recruitment Support
  • Academic, Athletic and Social Evaluations

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Scholarship Division

Welcome to Premier Plus Consultants Scholarship Division. We have seen the need to provide more focus and attention to this are of university and vocational education. 

Our plan is to focus on our core value that none should be left behind. If there is a human desire, a characteristic, a behavior from a citizen of this or any country, that seeks to impact their community in a positive manner, then there should be realistic opportunities and support systems within the fabric of our culture to stimulate that individual’s growth and development. We at Premier Plus Consultants want to do our part through our various support Services.

  • Basic University support
  • Advance University Support
  • Vocational support
  • Professional support

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