Preparing today's students for tomorrow's opportunities


Are you a parent of a high school student who is working very
hard, demonstrating responsibility in terms of their academics, athletics and social development, but are not in the top 10% to 20% of your class?

Do you wonder if university admission with scholarship opportunities will be available to them?

Premier Plus Consultants can help you along this journey and ensure your child will reach their full potential.

high school students

Premier Plus Consultants assists families with children ranging from age to 12 to 19 with the high school process. Scholarship opportunities within the Bahamas, USA and Canada have continued to increase over the years. These scholarships are available to all committed and interested students who will graduate from high school.

Premier Plus Consultants assist their clients with the high school process with a focus on the following:

  • Academic evaluation
  • Athletic evaluation
  • Social evaluation
  • Impact evaluation

The summary and conclusion of these evaluations will ensure the validation and
confirmation of a developmental plan for each student ensuring the proper
recognition of the strength and weakness that exist within that plan and a
subsequent support plan to ensure the best chances for success with the
university admission process with scholarship opportunities.