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Welcome to Premier Plus Consultants Scholarship Division. We recognize the need to provide more focus and attention to our university and vocational education. 

Our plan is to focus on our core value that none should be left behind. If there is a human desire, a characteristic, a behavior from a citizen of this or any country, that seeks to impact their community in a positive manner, then there should be realistic opportunities and support systems within the fabric of our culture to stimulate that individual’s growth and development. We at Premier Plus Consultants want to do our part through our various support Services including:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships (BA/BS)
    • Graduate Scholarships (MS)
      • Private High School Scholarships
        • Athletic Support

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  • There are no restrictions on the amount of Scholarship applications that can be submitted.
  • Each Scholarship application has an application fee (NON REFUNDABLE).
  • Before a potential recipient applies for a scholarship, they must evaluate if the scholarship requirements meet their approval for submission.
  • Every Scholarship application will provide the applicant with English Language Profile Development and academic support at the high school and university level and Career Guidance & Counseling Support during the application month.
  • All Scholarship award recipients must be maintaining enrollment at their current University during the scholarship reimbursement period.

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