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Ali Knowles

Director of Premier Plus Sports
Management Support Services


Ali graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Fitness Management. He joined the Troy University Baseball program under the leadership of Coach Bobby Pierce. He was a part of the Troy Baseball teams that was ranked in the NCAA Top 25 in 2011 and 2013 that resulted in two (2) Sun Belt Championships and two (2) NCAA regional appearances.


Coach Bobby Pierce said:
"Ali Knowles has been through quite a lot in his career with some health issues, but he's playing well right now. He's possibly the best defensive center fielder I've coached with his package of abilities – run, catch, throw – the whole works. Like I said, with 32 years in, to say he's possibly the best defensive center-fielder I've coached, that's quite a compliment because I've had a lot of very good ones. Offensively, he's starting to be consistent enough to start playing every day."


Ali's 8 putouts and 2 run RBI were very impactful to the victory.

Ali has been a member of the Bahamas Baseball National Team program and has had numerous exposure and experience opportunities with International Baseball at the highest levels.

His vast experience in athletics during his high school career provides valuable knowledge to support future students. His accomplishments were as follows:

Ali is currently the owner of Caribbean Sluggers -  which features
specialized baseball bats, gloves and Apparel. His company is a 
certified license distributor of Wood
​bats in Europe. His collections and brand provides his client am attractive alternative in Athletic gear.