Preparing today's students for tomorrow's opportunities


PPC athletic Support Levels are  design to meet each student athlete where their focus is at this time in there athletic development track. The supports are constructed with monthly base services that would accompany your monthly and yearly financial membership obligation.

Each member once registered with the base services has the ability to add any auxiliary services that are applicable to their needs. This allows our  membership, PPC and our partners to focus primarily on the impact services for an individual. The service now become more impactful and productive to the membership.

Members do not need to select auxiliary service immediately on registration for the base services, but must also keep in mind the space is limited and prudence is essential to ensure opportunity are not missed at critical ages.

Once Registration is completed, please note, you will be provided with a login credential where PPC and our Partners can interact with you and provide the necessary service to you.

We are excited about the many sports management initiatives we have for 2018/2019 and the impact it will have the country sports tourism and the tangible growth from the many exposure and training and development opportunities.