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Premier Plus Consultants (PPC) sports management support services are proud to announce our new and exciting all-inclusive baseball support services for all ages.
The potential student athlete who wants to be trained, evaluated, and supported by the sport’s most experience mentors and remain competitive with their peers in the USA and Caribbean can have access to this all inclusive program. Premier Plus is pleased to report that we have worked hard to design what the student wants and need to stay current in this very progressive and impactful sport.
Premier Plus has partnered with the appropriate levels to ensure the student has the access to the necessary skills training, exposure and resources required for training and development
The student will receive support services locally and internationally from the following: Certified Professional Trainers
Experienced Professional Trainers

  • Sports Showcases / Tryouts / Camps – All Ages - Locally - (Scouts, Trainers, Coaches from various levels will team with PPC to Facilitate)