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Arie Smith
Engineering (BSc.)​

Patrick Knowles​Telecommunication/IP - 30 years

Amber Stubbs
​Computer Science (BSc.)

Raygail Smith
​Computer Information Systems
(BSc.) - 18 Years

Premier Plus Consultants is excited to announce the launch of our “Technical Division” beginning February 1st, 2019. Premier Plus Consultants and it's brand have been integral in assisting students and families with academic and athletic opportunities over the years resulting in scholastic opportunities with our current university support structure.

We are excited to launch our "Technical Initiative" that will allow you to become a visible partner within your market and stakeholders to promote STEM, technical competence and applicable certifications within the high school, university and professional landscapes. This will be accomplished through our various training and development programs within Premier Plus Consultants. Your business and/or institution can become a part of this great support initiative by allowing us to support, train and develop the required technical skills to become competitive within your targeted goals and objectives, while minimizing the financial challenges that will present itself to prospective students and interested entities.

Many of the Bahamian and International companies are requiring the appropriate technical skill sets and certification to impact their companies. We will be able to impact the various students at all levels seeking the appropriate technical upgrades for university and professional  opportunities.

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