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"There are some things in life that no matter how hard one tries, you would simply not be good at it. The reason is that your gift was meant to be used elsewhere.  Well I compare my experience with Premier Plus to the above statement.  Working through the process of moving my son through NCAA compliance was like trying to complete a doctoral degree in a two year period; just impossible.  Thanks to Premier Plus much of this taxing work was made easy with the regular phone calls, one on one meeting and emails.  Having the direct access through phone calls when a difficult situation arose was the best thing since “slice bread”.  Thanks Premier Plus. I look forward to working with your agency; particularly in light of the hurdle we have since run into with my son’s desire to play College baseball.  I hope our continued working relationship would bode well for his success at this next level of his educational career."

- Renee Mayers

"I was introduced to Mr. Patrick Knowles in early July 2013 by Brenay's softball coach on a possible opportunity for her to attend boarding school.  Although I viewed this as an excellent opportunity, in my mind I was thinking this was not possible for the current school year because of the late referral.  However, we made immediate contact with Mr. Knowles and had several conversations on the phone and via skype.  He guided us on the entire process which was completely foreign to us and and together we were able to get Brenay to St. Margaret's School in Virginia for the August 28, 2013 school year start. Since then, we have been pleased with our choice and very appreciative of the assistance of Mr. Knowles and his team and the relationship we have developed as a result of this experience.  We are grateful to him for his recommendations and insight which was invaluable in our initial decision and his assistance with the financial arrangements and ongoing communication in respect to the university process. Brenay is performing exceptionally well both academically and socially and looking forward to the college experience come September 2016. Thank you again Mr. Knowles and team."

- Mrs. Greenslade

"I found about Premier Plus late n the game, around march 2014. At that time I had just lost my job, so thinking about boarding school looked rather dim at the time. Mr. Knowles agreed to me and with me and my family to have a discussion. He agreed it was late, but if I got my paperwork to him soonest, he promised he would do all that he could. He worked really fast after I forwarded the paperwork he requested. It was my son’s idea to attend Boarding school, my husband and I went along with his idea (hoping to prove him wrong). Much to our surprise, we ended up having options. More than one school was interested in accepting him. I am happy to say that with Mr. Knowles help and our son’s hard work, he is now attending Christchurch school in Virginia with a good portion of his school fees paid.Thanks to Mr. Patrick Knowles and Premier Plus Performance."

 - Anthony and Renee Barrow, parents to Avy Barrow

"During the last week of July, 2014, I contacted Coach Patrick Knowles of Premium Plus with regards to my son being admitted to boarding school for fall, 2014 semester (August, 2014).   I called Coach Pat to ascertain if it was doable in light of the time frame and he advised that he would make every effort to make it happened. He requested pertinent information relative to my son and two days later, I received a text from him asking for bios, transcripts, pictures, etc.  On July 30, 2014 a few days later, I received a text from Coach Pat, advising that he had a boarding school opportunity for my son.  On August 6, 2014 Coach Pat had organized an interview for him with the Director of Admissions and on August 7, at 4.16pm I received another text from Coach Pat notifying me that my son had been accepted into the boarding school. On August 8th a day later he further advised that he had received financial aid from the School and a day or two later, I had an acceptance letter and a contract from the School. On August 13, 2014, my son was issued a US Visa and left The Bahamas on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 for boarding school. Did I think this was possible when I began the process?  Absolutely not.  Had it not been for Coach Pat, this would not and could not have happened.  Did I believe it would have happened?  Initially, I did not, but, as I began to work with Coach Pat and saw his level of commitment and dedication to assisting young people realize their dreams, there was no doubt in my mind, I was fully persuaded that it was going to happen. Coach Pat, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for your assistance.  I called this, going above and beyond the call of duty.  The entire process took less than a month.  I have no hesitation in recommending Coach Pat of Premium Plus Performance Academy to anyone.  He is the consummate professional and the epitome of efficiency. Best wishes to you Coach Pat and again, many thanks."

- Remelda J. Moxey

"The Premier Plus is certainly the avenue to go when looking to send your child to boarding school. Their level of experience and knowledge of the process really makes a difference. The step-by-step guidance almost guarantees you the best results for your child and family as they negotiate to try and meet your specific needs.  The interaction and various meetings reduces the anxiety of the boarding separation experience. What is even more impressive is that their interaction does not end once your child leaves for school, it continues throughout, with periodical checks and follow ups."

- O. Gaskin

"I can proudly announce that I have accepted the role of Senior Athletic Consultant with Premier Plus. I want to thank Premier Plus for given me an opportunity to be a part of this fantastic vision. I was totally enthused and very interested by the concept of improving and developing the well-being of Bahamian youths through Athletics. I am privileged to work with such a great and highly motivated group of individuals, who are enthusiastic and passionate about impacting and making a difference in communities.  I accepted what I feel will be a dream opportunity for me to make a positive outlook. My goals consist of solving existing problems and filling existing gaps with my professional experience and success in the sporting world. Finding the right fit is never easy, but Premier Plus streamlines the process and provides great client service."  I believe in this venture because I have seen the international exposure, college and professional opportunities it has afforded the athletes. Therefore, it has impacted the lives of the individuals but overall it helped families to progress, and I think that is what is most important."

- Larikah Russell

Ta Niya has successfully graduated from The Linsly School and has been accepted to the Honors College at Old Dominion University. For all the guidance and advise that was provided, a heartfelt thanks from Ta Niya and family.

- Tanya L. Rolle

We were introduced to Patrick Knowles and Premier Plus in May of 2013 through Stephen “Bishop” Beneby of JBLN.  It was at this time that Patrick presented us with an opportunity for our daughter, Erin Johnson, to attend boarding school to complete her secondary education  This began our whirlwind experience.  The process was accelerated and aggressive and we relied heavily on Patrick’s  expertise which he so adeptly displayed.  Even though the timing demands were tight, Patrick still made time to accommodate our calls, emails, text messages and even a family meeting, at which time he met our Pastor (just to make sure this path was ordained).

We advised Patrick of the type of school we were interested in and he accommodated our request.  After all of the forms, transcripts, applications, photos, visa request, Skype interviews were done and we made our selection, we were fortunate enough to be able to visit the school of choice, St. Margaret’s School in Virginia (SMS) during August, weeks before the start of the school year.  Erin was thrilled!  She has now completed one full year at SMS, and we can truly say we have no regrets.  The international exposure Erin has gained academically, athletically and socially will reap rewards for her during the college selection process.  We are grateful to Patrick Knowles and the Premier Plus Team for staying the course with us and for their continued invaluable assistance.  The greatest compliment we can possibly give is a referral, which we continue to do!

- Elvis and Esther Johnson, Parents of Erin Johnson 

From the moment we engaged the services of PPC, they have meet and surpass our expectation, Patrick and his team offer professional service with A-1 results for my son and our family. His advice was honest and right on point. Premier Plus Consultants is an excellent way to get results when considering sending your child to boarding school..... We are pleased to be a part of this program.

- Ray Bannister - Bahamas

Our experience with PPC was amazing!  We have never thought that Boarding Schools were an option that we could entertain until meeting Patrick Knowles at a Boarding School presentation.  Once we signed up with PPC we were introduced to the application process very quickly and had immediate results.  With PPC guiding us with their experience, professionalism and direct contacts with most of the Boarding Schools in the US we were given options that paired our daughter with schools that were looking for students with her particular attributes.  PC paved the way by introducing and recommending her to the schools even before the first interview.  Of the three applications she submitted to the schools handpicked by PPC our daughter was accepted by two and wait-listed on the third which was just beyond our financial reach.  We were thrilled to find that after our daughter had enrolled with her final choice, that this particular Boarding School was listed #14 on the top 50 boarding schools in the US.  We highly recommend PPC as they made dealt with the whole process making it a breeze for us, giving us results we have never dreamed possible."

- Linda Eldon - Bahamas

I thank God for allowing our path to cross with Premier Plus Performance Academy. They were sensitive to our fears of allowing our young son to leave and attend boarding school and they were attentive and patient as we voiced our concerns, giving professional advice and sound counsel. My son’s acceptance into boarding school would not have been possible without PPC.

They have met and exceeded ALL of our expectations.

- Sabrina Lobosky - Bahamas

​I am pleased to recommend Premier Plus Consultants after using the service for one year.  We found the organization to be well organized, very well run and truly committed to developing young professionals.I was impressed with the accommodation given to support my sons during Sports Evaluation and  the summer program.  Premier Plus was always well prepared, knowledgeable and ready to handle any challenge.

- T Adams, Nassau, Bahamas 2017

The impact of the service over the past 2 years was tremendous from Premier Plus Consultants. They  were great.  Sitting back and thinking of the right choice that needed to be  made for my Grand Daughter after graduating from high school at such a tender age (16) with such low grades that was not up to par to attend university to further her development in life was a major concern.

My daughter and I reached out to Premier Plus Consultant for assistance. The information was priceless. With all the information presented by them, we were able to make an informed decision for my grand daughter. We sent her to boarding school to complete a PG year, where she made major improvement especially with her grades obtaining  A's & B's, also maturing physically and mentally for collage life ahead. Premier Plus Consultants ensured she had the necessary supports levels during her PG year to ensure all of our goals and objectives for university was realized.

The support services form Premier Plus Consultants was tremendous and we are so thankful. She is currently in university on an athletic scholarship and doing well. I would like to sincerely congratulate Premier Plus Consultants on a Job well done and performing the job beyond our expectations.
- V. Mckay Freeport, Bahamas 2017